I grew up in Southwestern Kansas, where my love of food was sparked by the traditional Mennonite dishes that were passed down to me. I moved to Denver to attend Johnson & Wales University for a B.S. in Culinary Nutrition with a concentration on Research & Development. Colorado has been my home since.

In 2016, I began working at the Savory Spice Test Kitchen. There, I developed nearly 80 original recipes and adapted countless submissions. Operating as part of the marketing department, I directed in-house photography, styled for hundreds of shots, and even photographed a few. I managed the creation of a new line of meal-specific spice & recipe kits called Spice ‘n Easy’s, from the ideation of unique recipe concepts to launch in nearly 30 locations across the country (and a popular ecommerce site).

As a huge America’s Test Kitchen fan, I had the exciting opportunity to intern there during the winter of 2018-2019. I worked closely with the teams that create ATK’s thoughtful cookbooks as well as the test cooks and editors in charge of every food geek’s fave magazine: Cook’s Illustrated. I mise en placed, maintained the kitchen spaces, and performed recipe tests on a daily basis. I also worked on-set of the Emmy Award-nominated Cook’s Country television show during the filming of its 12th season, setting food and props for each scene. As the final capstone to the internship, my fellow interns and I were invited to develop a muffin recipe and write an article in the style of Cook’s Illustrated—you can check out mine here.

One of my greatest passions is home fermentation and I have had the chance to lead kombucha workshops around Denver, providing class attendees with all of the knowledge and beginner’s equipment that they need to begin brewing their own ‘booch.

I am always open to new projects in writing, recipe development & testing, food styling, and teaching workshops. Interested? Let’s talk!


All of the recipes listed here were developed by me, nearly all were styled by me, and a few were even photographed by me!… Continue reading →


I love to teach, share, and connect through written content. Here are a few of the blog-style pieces that have been published online.… Continue reading →

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